July 10, 2004


I swear I did not get married. In case you hear anyone discussing otherwise, loudly, in a barroom bathroom, you can refute it.

Last week, in Vegas, I witnessed the marriage of Dibbs to his special lady, as they honored the impromtu impulse with a legal touch, at 9:30 at night, at the appropraitely named Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. The vibe of the LVWC is funereal, with a touch of the DMV, augmented by fake flowers and trelaces. They wanted to be married by an Elvis, but he was another $300, and the Elvis that does AC/DC songs was booked. They marched up the aisle to "War Pigs" -- and exited to "Made Ya Look" as we all looked on, misty-eyed. The ceremony lasted under ten minutes, and was as much a testament to modern romance as any wedding where the groom is not clad in a band t-shirt.

The reception consisted of everyone smoking cigarettes out on the sidewalk, then taking off to make bus call. The newlyweds shuttled off in the complimentary white limo.

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