July 08, 2004


Good Morning.
Just got off a red eye flight from LAX, after being part of the flow of the teenage sewer for seven days and nights. As JR once said: teenagers are genius. They are so flawlessly themselves, in all their absolutes, in all their confusion, in all their rapturous tastes, milling about the San Diego sports pavillion parking lot in a mesh-back cap that reads "My Balls Itch" at 11 am on a Sunday. In their every item of clothing carefully constructed, arranged, deconstructed -- worn -- to elucidate who they are in this world. It's really calculated and really honest -- even when yr a fake teenager, yr bound to be real-er than real adults. They are front and center with their two modes: ennui and desire.

Yesterday, I sat on the grass and talked to a girl, who is 17 and loves Deerhoof. She cannot wait to be done with high school. She wants to move to Japan, because, as she said with Didion-esque simplicity: "California is ridiculous." I told her that being in Japan was the most overwhelming thing I have ever experienced she was, literally, all "Whatevs."

I think to write young idealism and inexperienced resolve off as quixotic is a failure on our collective adult behalves.

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