June 29, 2004


From my interview with les Georges Leningrad, who are not only Canadian, but French Canadian. Imagine being in a band with these people.

JH: How did you start making music?

Bobo :I finally broke my mother's piano. With no shame. When I saw her devastated face, I felt sick and I cried like a widow. I said that I was not intelligent. I was living like an animal. She bought me a black drum kit. I immediatly started a band called God's Will. After the school, I was doing wrestling in a barn with my friends of that time. I said "Hey, I have a black drum kit. I'll put it in this corner. I'll pound the shit out of my black machine while you guys are fighting". The results were sensationnal. I was learning everything at the same time.

Poney It is a mistake, but I am very proud of it. The first time, I was singing under the table because I was too shy. I was drinking as much as I could. Then, recording my voice into the wardrobe. suddenly I was on the stage, as an unrevelling mummy. Right now, they should do a movie about my story, that really looks pretty much as Flashdance. An American dream posterized.

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