June 25, 2004


Fucking Sweet! I wonder how many GOP cantidates have ever told their wives that their crying is a turn off? A rough poll of the occupants of the house (margin of error: 1003%) -- Would you have sex with someone, in public, on a dirty mattress, in an "avante garde nightclub":
Rjyan says: "I would definately do it, if I could keep it up, but I kind of don't think I would be able to."
Colin (no hyperlink available): "Only if it's with Pharrell!"
Me: "Only to ruin someone's campaign."

Tonight, we're silkscreening the new bootleg Challenger shirts I am making ( ours look like they are to commemorate a company picnic). I think they might just say "I'd rather be pregnant" -- which is the worst idea I had, which in keeping with true Muy Romantico ideals, is what should be acted upon immediate. Worst ideas, not pregnancy. Meanwhile, Rjyan is working on his new zine, his first (zines are like blogging, but on paper) - entitled "Actual Fucking" -- but it's about cities and fame. More on fame later. Fame epiphany on the rise.

PS. The new Har Mar sounds like Kylie doing Ice Cream Castles by the Time. Like Morris Day going avante garde on a dirty mattress in Wayzata, MN.

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