June 25, 2004


Tonight, we played the ghosttown again. Got in early, wandered through a mall that used to be a mall. Above the food court a sign: "Get a taste of St. Louis" -- the entire floor was abandoned/boarded up save for a cookie and ice cream counter which only sold cookies. I wandered for two hours, alone, through the dead department store aisles, into the streets and out against the press of Cardinals-game pedest. Had a frightening exchange with a scab-covered jogging man on the street, who ran in front of me and turned to face me and started screaming"Smile! SMIIIIILE! COME. ON. SMILE! LIFE IS WONDERFUL!". I didn't. And so he stopped, walked closer, demanded a smile again and I told him to stop yelling at me. I do not know why I said this, but I told him that "yelling at people you do not know is rude." I mean, I really should have taken it as god's grace that a dude who's corpus landscape was decorated with scabs and trackmarks thinks life is wonderful, here on the sad streets of Stank Louis. Three minutes later, I saw him smoking a cigarette in the check out line at Blimpies, yelling at the woman at the register to "Go ahead at get out yr baseball bat again! Stick up your ass, then you'll be like a popsicle." He advised her to call the cops, or 1-800-Indira Ghandi, then gave her the finger and ran.

You can buy Rap Snacks here. I was going to buy an expired bag of Lil Romeo BBQ Spicy Cheez Curls to send to someone special, especially with it's "stay in school" message emblazoned on the front. But it was only funny for about 11 seconds. For 55 cents, I need funny for at least a minute.

Now we go back to Chicago. Tour is over. I smell like I have died.

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