June 23, 2004


Julianne and Partymanica started it. Sasha warned me it would over-take me. You can't help but keep looking at it, obsessing.


So, you plug in some code to your site and you can find out what sites are linking to you, how many people read yr blog... but the best feature is "keywords" -- how people are pulling you up on search engines -- matching words from my blog with other peoples search needs. So far, 90% of the time it's people googling my name (I imagine this is my mother and people I knew in high school) -- and the occasional great accidental band name "Unicorn Tattoo" --the fundamentally strange "Anarchy sign screensaver", the curious "Tiny Unicorn Heads + Indianapolis" or "Hillary Duff + lesbian". This morning, according to Statcounter, the hits all took a turn for the carnal. The fact that someone's "Calgary Blowjob" search, searches of pervy generic-techno fans: "suck + fuck + bro + sis + Moby", or the earnest seeking behind a yahoo search on "Why do women give blowjobs?" landed on this here Diabolical Unicorn Blog National Call Center... fills me with a strange joy. The most inadvertantly on the money: "Women obsessed with shit". Dude, I am obsessed with all kinds of shit! Like the new Deerhoof, or the death of emo - for example.

Meanwhile, we are lampin, lampin, stone-cold lampin in hippie mountain high - Boulder. Last nights show in wherever we were was eventful -- after the fact -- we encored with Black Flag "Nervous Breakdown" (it could be worse, we could be doing "Slip it In"), and it turned out Bill Stevenson (drummer for the Descendents and Black Flag, bands I do not foster any fealty for) was in the audience. The boys were all throwing back shots to celebrate being out of the van, so I got to drive thier drunk, slurry azzes to Boulder, which means I got to plug in MY i-pod, which means I avenged the 27 hours of Hot Snakes I have endurred with the new Alicia Keys and some Akufen, which meant Dave threw a muffin at me. We slept in at the home of Dave's dreadlocked friend, who is, notably, a hammock salesman. Word!

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