June 16, 2004


We played with some eem bands tonight with the youth-lady draw, here in Portland, the front rows were all teen women, who both Al and I made sure to be extra friendly to. Al encouraged them to start playing music, switch the paradigm from watching to being watched. At the end of the set, a girl who I had talked to during our set -- she asked for my pick. I asked her if she played -- and she said No. I asked her why not, said I would not give her a pick unless she was going to use it. She said she had a guitar, but her hands were freakishly small, and it would be really hard to play. I made her hold her hand up to mine. They were the exact same size. Same as her sisters, who was with her. She excitedly exclaimed ( yes, EXCLAIMED) "Oh my god, our hands are the same size and you can totally play!!!" ( yes three exclamation points, dog). I told her that my hands have been freakishly small all 11 years I have been playing. The girl next to her blurted out "I want to play the drums!" -- and I ended up talking to a dozen girls in the front row about playing, about making bands, about all of that. I came back and gave away copies of my zine to every girl I talked to and some that I didn't. I shook some hands and made girls promise to update me if they got something going.

I'm just here to minister. I'm just here to try and get the ball rolling. Catalystic converter.

Tomorrow - Weds: SF at Bottom of the Hill. Friday is LA at the Troubadour -- keep in mind that the gay pride parade starts/ends on that block and parking and all that will be hellish.

Thank you and goodnight, Portland!

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