June 06, 2004

Two Lane Blacktop, White Lines and Canada Oh, Canada

I leave for tour again in two hours. Actually I leave for Minneapolis, where I will make a fanzine about tour, visit a dentist, steal furtive glances at my boyf. when he is not looking for a few days. Then, like that - Canada, West Coast, Southwest - in a flash of exhaust.

I am almost used to it. Or at least I am eeking out a routine. The days before tour are filled with equal amounts dread and disregard, excessively huggy goodbyes during bar meet-ups - tagged with yr return date, wanting to avoid the sentimentality and tie-downs of normal life, hop back into the Econoline and study how times passes, how the horizon looks and just how long you can go wearing the same pair of jeans before they rot right off your body.

Left Coast, do not sink. I'm almost there.

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