May 13, 2004


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5/11/04 10:29am EST Pittsburgh PA – Squirrel Hill Area, 61c Café

Pittsburgh is a fine place. Here, early summer perfection is upon us: coverless sleep at last. Last night we played at The World, which is mussssh fancier and clean than we are used to. It’s in the fruit market district, amidst warehouses of wine grapes for auction and trucks that say American Banana . The sides of the club are big glass garage doors, which they left open during the show. The World is also next to Costume World ("where Halloween hangs out all year long") – where in vain we looked for accountrements to spice up our collective look. I was partial to the fake blood and a pair of wings made from an American Flag. Dave kept handing me peglegs and hook hands to tease me. Noah’s brother told us that he has been following the tour via various message boreds and says that there is more about "the girl in Challenger who dresses up like a pirate" than anything about our actual band performances. For anyone doubting, for anyone hitting the blogs and the message boards, im’ing through the world: . I had a prescription for that eye patch.

The show was awesome. The lone Challenger super fans, who last made an appearance in Cleveland – they of wild enthusiasm and unbitter teenager years – hit us with their wild dancing in the front row, the between song cheering… and this time they brought girls. I looked over towards the end of our first song, and there were two phenom punk-dorky ladies punching the air, and bad dancing, and rocking out and laughing. I got really excited because I have been those girls for the last 12 years. And, while I normally am excited about there being girls at the show, I was extra glad they were there because lots of times girls are towards the back, or if they are towards the front, they are being hugged from behind by a dude. #1 Look for a girl at out show – Anti-Flag t-shirt / wrapped in the limbs of a boy. Not to shit on Anti-Flag fans, because lord knows, at 14, I was into questionable shit.

After the show, Al and I walked around, eventually trespassed through some razor wire and walked around a marina. I schooled him on some rock skipping technique, which devolved into seeing just how far we could throw the rocks. The Heinz57 factory was across the river, and all downtown was yellow’d with night-light, and Pittsburgh seemed much more soft and picturesque than anyone ever gives it credit for being.
Also, Al and I discussed that when standing next to any body of water, the overwhelming impulse is always to jump in.

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