May 06, 2004


5/6/04 5:31 pm CST, Kinko's on Washington , St. Louis, MO

Today was the first day of tour where I had no idea what day of the week it was other than I knew it was a work-week day by the traffic coming into St. Louis, home of Sylk Smoov. We loaded into the club, which has metal link yard-fencing around the bar, and all surfaces - floor, stage, tables, bar, bathroom floor, toilet seats, monitors - everywhere - is covered with some form of debris or barroom waste. It is about 86 degrees, so I was planning on being outside anyway.

Last night in Kansas City, we played a nice all ages space in a warehouse district, which had ornate tile inlay and the bar was about 80 feet long. It was across the street from what we guessed, by olfactory sense, was a dog food processing plant. Big silos pointed heavenward, filled with dog nutrition.

There were about 100 kids at the show. A young punk girl named Daisy came up and talked to me after the show, said it was good to see another girl playing more than just a few chords/bum-bum-bum on the bass in a band, and told me about her most recent band, The GutterFucks. If she is the only girl in a band I make the aquaintance of this entire tour, my evangelical/exampling work has been of use. I have been of purpose.

Otherwise, show was fine-ish, I played ok - was still nervous to play in front of the boyfriend, stage was extra high -- feet at eye level and I am so not into the heirarchy of the stage. Al jumped down in the last song and solo'd against the kids. They were clearly not ready for that. Also, There was a mirror running along the side of the stage - I caught a quick glimpse of myself in it, and was mortified. Note to self: Do not play shows with your hair down -- you look like yr in motherfucking White Zombie.

Today, boyfriend drove home to MN, so I am back to riding in the van with the boys. Dave bought his own iPod, so we are back to listening to the music of the white people. Tomorrow's show in Indy fell through last minute, and has been moved to either a skate park or "a 3 car garage with a 150 person capacity," which sounds like it will EASILY be the most shambolic punk fun ever, either way -- I got $2 on cops busting up either before we even play.

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