May 03, 2004


5/3/2004 7:24 CST, coffee shop playing Social D - Between Heaven and Hell
46th & Bryant, Minneapolis MN

I forgot about Minneapolisí familiar sweetness. Itís casual innocence as a city. Itís sprouty spring lawns and itís heavily sweatpanted indifference to fashion. The ever-welcoming vernacular of hometown. I forgot about Chicago's hard grift until I came back to it with eyes and body that had just borne 10 cities in rapid succession, in all their steel-belted radiance. I came back to Chicago and felt the weight of my house, it's attendent messes, it's dishes, it's laundry and it's boxes. I was ready to bail three minutes after I got in the door. I hung around long enough to take out the trash and exchange the outifts in my bag (as you do not need two belts on tour, really).

My momís house here in Mnpls is funny. She has all this girly-girl-girl stuffed exampled: Couture heels, 12 different kinds of conditioner ringing the tub ledge, issues of InStyle magazine, fragrant soap made from figs -- all of which kind of does nothing/ or the same thing / or the same nothing, as far as I am aware. Each visit home, I become briefly tantilized by all of it. I wind up in the bathroom putting a different kind of lotion on each foot, leg and hand -- as if someone just bussed me in from a foriegn land and I was like "ooooh, magic potions!" and start taking the caps off every exfoliating scrub masque and ayurvedic conditioning treatment and sniffing it like an animal does a scavenged carcass. I can be girly, but my mom, my sis, they are this brand of American consumer of feminine wiles and ways that Iím not, but am totally in awe of. It's like bunking with the two most popular girls at camp -- I get to see how they get Cinderella'd up. They both are a gorgeous slide show of imperial decorating schemes, long blonde hair, gregarious intellect and white-filter cigarettes.

As I mentioned to some folks already: Minneapolis punks are the only punks that really really look like punks. As opposed to the punks of Chicago who look like J Crew's spring sale rack. Kids here are all spikes and can beer -- the fems are all suicide girls of the apocolypse / Paul Bunyon blood stock -- sturdy looking, cleavage full of sailor tattoos, norse blondes done up jet black. I like the comfort of know whoís on what side, rather than the hipster fake outs of bigger cities endowed with a more unified, homogonized aesthetic of cool. The bar maidens at the club had extensive face tatooing, and I respect the down-for-life, fuck-the-world commitment of such an action.

Show last night at the Triple Rock was our best of tour. It was Paint it Blackís last night on the tour, there were no pranks, though Al told me that Colin from PIB tried to procure a stuffed parrot to try and put on my shoulder during the show ( I WISH!), to match my really tuff looking PIRATE STYLE BLACK EYE PATCH, which I wear when I am in the club to protect it's newly injured nature. I have been wearing tight fatigue-style looks to accompany the eyepatch -- army greens, camo hot pants ( no dog tags yet -- anyone wann hook me up?) because I want to look like I went AWOL to go on tour.

Chicago Record Release show at Fireside was packed, which I attribute entirely to the daring public nudity of my bandmates. According to Tara, the sound lady, we were the loudest show she has ever witnessed there. Show was fine. It's funny to be on stage some place where you have been to like... 400 shows -- and see the room from the one perspective point you have never seen from.

As of tomorrow, we bump up to middle slot and Louisvilleís power-loud superstars, Breather Resist join up. In the meantime, enjoying the day off (the rest of the band headed back to Chi-town), tommorow, my boyfrnd and I head out, meet back up with the rest of Challenger for my first visit to the great state of Iowa.

Also, in other news, Challenger is suckin' up the oppurtunities laid to waste by the Denali break up, and thusly, will be hitting Japan for a six day tour end of May. Iowa City AND Osaka in the same month. It is super fun to be, in case you were wondering. FYI.

Xo Youngicorn

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