May 01, 2004


1: 16 pm CST, my office @ home, Chicago Il.

From Ashes Brad, who is casted and on crutches, was speaking last night of the most recent tour injury with is Andy Pants from Paint it Black, who managed to burn himself really really badly on a poptart, and thusly has huge white blisters on his bassplayin finger tiups. Brad spoke that whenever they meet someone named Rick James ( our soundman in Albany), or see someone missing a limb, bad things happen, it;s an omen -- injury, arrest, deportation, massive equipments failures on stage. We stood around the back of the van and laughed at the gimpiness that had spread to every van.

And then, 20 minutes later, in the back of the van loft, I scrape my right eye on the seam of a sleeping bag pad. No less than four minutes after that, I rip the cornea of my right eye on the zipper to my bag. I sleep on it for the four hours back to chicago, and then at 4:14 am, I put my finger on my eye lid, to hold it shut and that brought such excriciating pain, I punched the van, ceiling like some a fucking jock, a couple times, and started bawling terribly. Shortly there after I realized I did not have keys to my house, and once we dropped off the rest of the band at the band house, I had Al take me to the emergecy room at st. mary's, whom I, as an uninsured, still owe 1200$ for a fever I had 3 years ago.

I got some eye drops, so eyepatch, a bandage over one side of my face, and the other eye is riunged still in the orange dye they used to find the cut, with some minor bruisey/squintyness going on. I was realeased about 6:30, and droppd back to the band house, where everyone was having a rough time due to arriving home amidst some gang brawl, and Dave's gf Lauren, hours earlier had fsaw her naighboor shot and killed, more gang related shit. Everyone was freaked out.

Woke up this am, went to the drug store for the eye meds, which was tough even though it was only 2 blocks from the band house. I have no depth percetion and look totally crazy, especially since, as Al pointed out, I put on my sweater inside out and backwards. First person I run into looking like this: the ex bf I broke up with before tour, and clearly ruined his day by running into him. Not sweet. Not sweet at all. meanehile:

Eyedrops, eye antibiotic, eye patch, Snickers : $207.
Playing a show looking like you have a war injury: totally priceless.

Chicago, see you tonight. record release at the fireside. as they say in OLy wa : P.r.d.c.t., doggs. Tomorrow, Mnpls my home town.


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