April 25, 2004

In The Grid

I woke up this morning amongst the dog hair and sunshine, in the room of Michael Rhoades who is a friend of the bands and a resident of New York's Chinatown, an excellent photographer, and who's every surface is coated in unapologetic majesties of dog hair. The boys were generous, and gave me the bed. All the boys, on the whole tour, are being custodial with me. We'll see how long that lasts.

Last night's show was nerve wracking family reunion, many people I love and know from other lives, people I know and respect -- whose opinions, funny ways or music I love, stood back lit by the neon bar lights and watched me fumble my octave chords and then hugged me and patted my hair and were generous with me when I was done. I wished we were playing our 30th show, rather than our third. Humility is a hell of a drug.

Yesterday/night was Philly, in the basement of the church, which was like a locker-room populated by 600 Strike Anywhere fans, 90% male, 100% clad in black t-shirts, 3000% humidity. Stayed with Al's brother, a paramedic, in his new home at 47th and Chesnutt in W. Philly, every room of which had blood red plush carpet and was aestheticly the child of a steak house in Minsk and a budget brothel in Tehran. Gold ballistrade, red and gold velvet wallpaper, floor to ceiling mirrors. I slept on the dining room floor near a cat box.

I woke up at 6:45am, to the sound of 4 boys rustling in sleeping bags, all in various modes of snoring. I thought about the stinting sleep-breathing of the man I love and missed it. I got up, walked around, sought "breakfast" at Donuts Plus on 43rd, and was greeted with a friendly hello from every person I passed on the street (except other white people) and fell in love with the pointy-topped row buildings, the neighboorhood that's equal part decrepit and middle class proud and the Paul Robeson murals .

Today we head to South Amboy New Jersey, the county seat of Bad Eem and metal core.

always livin, never dyin,


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