April 23, 2004

We've only just begun

7:17 am EST , LOCATION: Pittsburgh kitchen.
Today begins our tour offishal.
We had a warm up show, accidentally almost, night before last, replacing the freshly broken up Denali on the Please for Peace show at Metro. We played on two hours notice. Our first show was played to about 800 people there to see Cursive. I urged Al, that if we sucked, introduce us as Denali between songs... as they have nothing to lose, though we do, I suppose. I have not played bass on stage since a Sean Na Na tour of CA in like, 1999 -- where Sean almost knocked me unconcious with the head stock of his guitar -- so, yeah, I was nervous. I attempted to counter the nervousness by applying a shit-ton of eyeliner and double checking the tuning of my bass three times.

This I know: My hands were wet like a teenage boy's and I fumbled with the bass strings like some backseat lothario one-handing a bra clasp. I faked it, I smiled, I pounced around, tried not to make faces when I screwed up. I felt like I was in 9th grade speech class, trying to make eye contact every three bars. Trying to send psychic faxes to the girls against the barrier at my feet, clad in Hot Water Music t-shirts: "Girl, you could be me. Look at me. Look at how much fun I am having playing this octave chord!" I am not sure why I am so adamant and evangelical about girls playing in bands, because punk rock, really, is kind of stupid. I mean, really. Maybe my psychic faxes should read "Memo: Ignore all of this. This is a fun time, sure, but please, aim for first female pope rather than female Greg Norton.

My bandmates are empirical on stage, folding in half over their guitars, Al marches around, one foot on the monitors like the captain of the ship. Noah has his shirt off by song three, but he is the drummer, that's in the job description, really. I am trying to just fit in.

Noah just walked into the kitchen and said "You are already blogging? We have not even played a show yet!". Dave made some eyerolling fuss over me offering their lives up over the internet. Why they have issue with this, but not the GERMAN CAMERA CREW that joins us today to document OUR ENTIRE TOUR for commercial DVD release, I am questioning.

See you tonight, Philly.
See you tomorrow, NYC.

xo JH

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