April 16, 2004

Like In Ghostbusters

Two days in a row of solid guest-Unicorning. Are you loving it?
You can almost reach out and touch the feeling of being relieved of a heavy burden. They're tearing down the United Fruit Market, which is a part liquor store/part grocery/part cinder block repository of Wicker Park's collective bad vibes. You could buy really cheap cigarettes there, but the place was just depressing. Security gates had been incorporated into the building's facade, so it constantly looked maybe-closed, and the huge gaudy Kool posters on the front bummed me out every time I walked past it (and I had to walk past it all the time). They actually had fruit there, but I wouldn't have wanted to eat any of it; even the porn there was past ripeness, and the name of the store painted in scrawly block letters over the door generally bummed me out too much to want to eat anything.
The walls have all been knocked down and there are workers piling the bricks up in orderly rows. It's a prettier thing after being knocked down.

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azkkaikiveu togeiue.

Posted by: Elias at December 29, 2004 04:20 PM

azkkaikiveu togeiue.

Posted by: Elias at December 29, 2004 04:21 PM
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