April 12, 2004

Ladies, ladie's and ladys

There has been little time to post, but I do not apologize, as the embroidering I could do on "Practiced, worked til 3 am, slept for 4 hours," at this point is not going to rend anyone with my prosaic lightning bolts. I will tell you this: Today is the day I buy the magic device that will turn the van into a disco of my understanding. I got serious, and have put 837 songs on since Thursday evening, so I am at like 2200 now, no slowing. Currently importing my favorite ep of 11th grade . With the cashes I made from selling, say Starpimp albums I was keeping just because of one song that was super-genius -- I bought three releases which I suggest you explore if you love funk that is
a. alarmingly sensual
b. will make you believe that love is all around you
c. you will think 'this is the best song ever written" for that moment

Those releases are Change - Glow of Love ft. Luther Vandross , which may be the best song ever written, but I may just be saying that because I listen to it about 17 times a day (really) at levels which make the world jiggle in the rear-view, Teddy Pendergrass - 2 CD Anthology (in which the word "ladies" is spelled three different incorrect ways in the liner notes, despite being used almost once a sentence) and Earth Wind and Fire - The Way of The World. I bought these specifically to counter balance all the Party of Helicopters and Iron Maiden I will have to listen to. When I am in a van, I do not like the music of white people so much. The sound of an Econoline engine guning past the fruited plains of the American land, the open windows blowing the waft of boy-socks with force upon you, I can deal with some Buckner, or a little Kim and Thurston screeee revue, but lately all I want is hot disco fuck tracks and Jamaica's most wanted.

Also, while I am away in the Germany this week, I have put Miles in charge of blogging on the Unicorn deck. He is funnier and less controversy-inducing than I. Which, granted, is something you could say about most anyone.

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