April 11, 2004

Legal Eagle

The only person who is still my friend from high school, the woman who I have spent my writing life trying to emulate the rapacious wit of, the woman who took in me in when I moved out my parents house and into a studio apartment where we had bunk beds(!), a woman whom with I engaged in drive by eggings, drive by phone-bookings - heaved out of the sunroof of her car at people who may have actually been our friends, who used to entertain me when I was a jobless and despairing 18-yr-old by giving me stolen brandy (yes, gross) and pizza and doing dramatic readings of trashy novels, singer and mastermind behind the legendary International House of Pussy (who, MRR inexplicably, called "The German Bikini Kill"), a woman who took her job as being my only friend in school super seriously, the only woman I have ever seen open a coconut with an icepick in order to try and drink a mixed drink out of it (we used to party like that), a woman who will soon become the finest (in all senses) lawyer in all of the Twin Cities, Mz. Britt Lindsay, has a blog.

The world will be rapt with giggles momentarily.

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