April 02, 2004

Worst ideas taken to the next level

Tonight, Colin and Katie and Liz and I made the Muy Romantico video, which does not feature any member of the band, for inclusion on the Diesel DVD, that you will get free when you buy some jeans. It will hopefully fit, unsettlingly, next to oh... a Shins video. In keeping with the Dogma95 style aesthetic/modus of Muy Romantico's album production methods and aesthetic rule of "first idea=best idea / worst idea = best idea" we shot only about 22 minutes of tape to work with. We posted on frndtsr inviting people to shwo up at the park on bikes/skateboards/rollerskates at 11. 10 people RSVP's. 1 showed up. That was Katie, who had rollerskated about 2 miles from her house. Colin, conviently, brought two hair school mannequin heads, which he had scalped, so they were half wearable. Meaning they only fit about 1/3rd of the way over our heads. Katiee's wore headphones, and mine adorned in an "i love reggae" sweatband that Miles brought me from Negril.

As per Colin's non direction, we rollerskated with the rubberheads on, which was interesting as we could not see. Minimal injuries after I skated into a bench. Then we did some high speed backwards skating while taking off layer upon layer of clothes and talking on our cell phones until we were down to t-shirts in the 41 degree weather. It was as terrible as it sounds. We cam eback inside, filmed colin LICKING the rubberheads, changed into more "video-type" outfits (unicorn sweatshirts, excessive gold jewelry, ratted hair) then drove to pick up Liz, who was wearing two concha belts and a tie die shirt and cut off jean shorts and a dreamcatcher for an earring. Wearing rollerskates while driving may be the most stupidly dangerous thing I have done ever. We then went to the trendy local yuppie bar, where we were planning on crawling on the floor (ala Duran Duran's RIO video), but Jeff Parker was there freeeejazzing it, which kind of ruined the vibe, so we just rollerskated in the bathroom, staged some slow motion crashes and left and headed to the 24 grocery. Upon entering, the manager met us at the door and said "you cannot wear skates in the store" and Liz goes "Ok... thanks....GO!" and we took off full speed down the frozen foods aisle with Colin running behind us, made a lap through the store and exited without being busted by the totally confounded staff.
Tomorrow, we drop the tape off to Dave, and we have only alotted him 90 minutes to edit it .
My guess is it will be ruthlessly shitacular genius.
That's all you can really hope for in this life anyway, right?

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