April 01, 2004

There ain't no foolin ya.

DUDES. There is still time left for April's Fool Pranks -- this is your reminder: get on it! I spent 2.5 hours today doing nothing but pranking best friends and clients and our band's managers with PR-related disasters that cannot be killed and Jawbreaker reunion tours. As I told Julianne earlier - the locus of the best pranking has to be "worst nightmare" and it helps if you speak fast, be confused on the details. Improbability goes out the window if you use a panicky voice, getting together a conference call, pre-emptive voicemails or text messages or second parties in on it adds an air of oh-shitness. If you cannot think of anything good, a quality fall back is breathlessly telling people you are back together with the ex that everyone hated and can they come out for the wedding in 2 weeks and/or you tried heroin and it's not nearly as a bad deal as everyone says it is, plus your poetry has gotten way better as a result.

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How do you leave a comment on this site? I had to enter some garbage to get to this "comments" screen. Maybe that's the point. Either way, I have/had multiple Am. Flag bikini resources just ready to divulge and I gots nothin. Either way, Jessica, if you get this, I don't know you and you don't know me. I got to your site thru linkage from a couple of other sites. I just wanted to say that you are a fascinating writer. I could read you all day happily. Please keep it up, no one else is saying anything interesting. Also, if you're ever in DC again, get in touch, I'll point out the spots. Word to your moms.

Posted by: T Hav at May 21, 2004 01:52 AM

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