March 31, 2004

"Banging like G. Gordon Liddy in the prison shower"

My other best friend, JR Nelson, has updated his blog. I don't mind that it's only every five weeks, cos the shit is really good, and plus, can we mention, that yes, JR's peice about Lester Bangs for HIOQI 16, every time I read it, it puts a walnut sized lump in my gullet. JR's got understanding and love and shade for Bang's work like a high school girlfriend. Like someone who knew you back when when you didn't know how to stick it but still laughed at your jokes and kind of half forgave you for screwing her sister. You know? JR spent his 30-th birthday with me this week, despite the fact that he works SEVEN DAYS A WEEK (You wanna see shitty job market, whiny freelancer? Come to Chicago and see that all the best writers I know re-stocking hangers in Juniors Department at H&M, tooth and nailing for a way out. No shit.) and currently spends his evening reading Moby Dick, he hung out, let me steal his cigarettes and gossip about my dumb life and said "You know, when NASA wants to send something to Mars, they have to shoot it around the moon. Right now, yr slingshotting around the moon. " and then took a drag of his Marb lite and flipped to ESPN2 for highlights. I must have saved babies from a burning orphanage in my previous life to get such amazing friends in this one.

His genius is on.

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