March 26, 2004

Weather Report

Discussing the weather is the domain of the all the way old, I know. I feel 100 today, so it's par for the course. I will tell you this: I half-slept through an hour of NPR fundraising until they got to the part where they said "and at O'hare it's 61 degrees" and I was like "Oh, oh! Time to get up" and I practicly levitated out of my bed. 61 is a lot of degrees to have all at once. I think it finally melted all the ice in the pipes under the house, because the water is back to tasting like it comes from a chimney, not a faucet. I imagine the warmness means the mouse thats been occasionally shackin' in my cutlery drawer will take leave. Once I knew he was in there, I just let him have it, stopped using the drawer. I read a lot of books as a child with mouse protagonists. I know he's just in their taking a nap in the soup spoon, eating peanut butter, using a match as a cane and a thimble as a cup. I am not about to put a trap down, get the mouse all shook and have bloodshed on my cheap Ikea forks, you know?

Also, The Microphones album Glow, pt.2 is the Olympia equivalent to Songs From The Wood . It's not hard to imagine the people making it live in a hollow and have bells on their slipper-shoes.

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Is it postmodernity that makes people want to dance, or dancing that makes people want to exhibit postmodern sensibilities? The cause and effect are beyond me. But you’d have to be living in a cave not to notice the amount of music springing up these days that caters to the ironic dance party. Even the ultra-political Olympia scene, who, last time anyone checked, scored pretty low on sense of humor tests, are now experiencing their own punk rock version of Saturday night fever.

Fortunately, Chicago’s Mahjongg is neither trying to relive the ‘80s nor making cut-and-paste remixes on their laptops. In fact, it’s difficult to say exactly what they’re doing. They’re a cryptic bunch, with a decoy one-sheet claiming credentials like performing at the United Center before Chicago Bulls home games. Whether or not these shows were billed under the pseudonym Sexual Vietnam is unclear.

Like Dennis Rodman, Machinegong is pretty funky and more than a little eccentric. This is probably as far as the band’s connection to the NBA actually extends. Their music doesn’t seem to rely heavily on pre-recorded elements, but, like Mahjongg in general, what’s live and what’s not is decidedly ambiguous. Rhythms are dancey, but clever and complex. One song features a five beat pattern followed by a seven beat pattern. I had to figure it out on a graphing calculator, which may mean that those who shake to it are predominantly computer science majors. Vocals are rare and low in the mix. You might be able to trick your friends into thinking Machinegong was a lost Prince album. A sedated Prince, though. Backed by members of Slint and the Talking Heads. Just maybe.

Overall, an exciting, unpredictable group of grooves.
Sally Faux

Posted by: Rand McNally at March 26, 2004 12:25 PM

my roomates girlfriend is Jain and she won't let anyone kill bugs, we have to pick them up and put them outside, even the big ones. thats when I knew they were in love, when my roomate ran to save a bug b/c he thought I was going to kill it, but I wasn't. even though I'm not jain, I try to pick up the bugs and leave them outside anyway

Posted by: jackson at March 26, 2004 04:05 PM

This has nothing to do with anything, but I just finished reading an interview with one of my heroes, guitar player Pen Rollings, in the new ish of Chunklet, and lemme just say right now, were I gay, I would go be gay with Pen. That guy is a goddamn superhero. Pen is my fake gay boyfriend to the max.

Fave quote, about black metal: "Come over here and try to burn a church down in a bad neighborhood and see what you get with your sword and your chalice."

The pro-metal anti-black metal steez begins with Loincloth.

Posted by: The Joe Gross at March 26, 2004 07:07 PM

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