March 11, 2004

People living in their practice spaces, go an brush your shoulders off....

This morning, I went to band practice at 8:30am w/ Al, and while tuning I hear this etched-into-my-DNA-familiar "eeet...eeet...eeet...eeet". Alarm clock. Whomever was sleeping through their alarm in the space next door was about to be ruined by our Hi-Watt/Ampeg greeting of the morning.

I wondered about the practice space dweller next door -- does he really live there or maybe did he just have a fight with his girlfriend? Did he run out of couches, out of sympathy and largesse from those who did not believe in his dream... that one day he would be recognized as the second coming of Bun E. Carlos or Midge Ure even. Is the dude living in the practice space by choice? Out of dedication? Because he desires to be able to solo loudly at a moments notice? Does he shower at his cousin's apartment and eat entire meals from the vending machien in the hall -- Nibs for breakfast, Andy Capp Spicy Fries for lunch, some Fun-yuns and a Pepsi for dinner? I want to know!

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