February 29, 2004

R. Watch.

The State of Illinois dropped 7 of the 21 counts against R Kelly in his child porn case (12 still pending in FL.). Even the lucid Chicago Tribune noted yesterday that it's "unusual" that after a year and 11 hearings, no trial date has been set or discussed. R is free to do as he wishes, and is supposed to avoid contact with children, and call a court-appointed contact to check in every day.

I am not sure if I would be being so "bring this man to justice" if it wasn't the glaring equation of what the charges are plus that it seems like the judge is taking a "whatevs" tact. Is it because no man can begrudge another man the right/desire to fuck fourteen year old girls that avail themselves to such a thing? It's just a continuation of the Jerry Lee Lewis/Elvis legacy, really, right?

More discussion and elucidation on this is available on this topic, in the comments section a few entries back.

Tomorrow I will come atchoo with some more uplifting battle raps. Promiz.

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