February 20, 2004

Ok, so raise your hand if you are revolted as well

Anyone else get their copy of the Fader this week? You know, the one with the 12 page fashion spread using pre-pubescent children, mostly girls? The one where the "funny" part where they are wearing adult sized shoes is overshadowed by that every single photo of the girls, they are not wearing pants - save for just One photo, a girl with a skirt on, but her shirt and tank top are falling off the shoulder, looking like someone tugged on them. The rest, just t-shirts that barely make it past top of the thigh.

Posed. made up. alone, behind a fence. showing leg on the stairs. multiple shots up the leg/skirt /focal point at crotch-level.

This is not edgy/transgressive fashion. This is not "cute".

Seven, eight, 10 year old girls staring blankly, leggy and akimbo, emotionally-burnished faces obscured by showdow, alone -- wearing ONLY a sweat shirt and tights in a magazine for adults / ADULT MEN. Thats not even to be all meta -- thats just dealing with whats on the fucking page looking back at us.

What message does scantily clad fourth grader put across, aside from further normalizing the sexualizing any child that's old enough to not be riding in a stroller? What is the Fader going for here, other than reminding in a real dash-off/human-consumption manner, that we are all just parcels of an R. Kelly kind of world? I simply do not feel like it is ok for the adult-aged fashion and photo editorial department of a major national "culture" magazine to sexualize images of children, as if it was as simple as turning them into 4 foot tall Nylon-style fashionistas. Do you?

Posted by Jessica at February 20, 2004 03:03 PM | TrackBack

did they get you to pay attention?
That's the best they can hope for.
Car crashes, bears wiping thier asses, four hour erections--it's all to get you to pay attention.

Posted by: Pops at February 25, 2004 01:17 PM

bug off!!! did you take a look at the fact that all the girls are wearing tights? the story's not an invitation for men to masturbate to pre-pubescent girls, but an explanation of style. these are the kids of tomorrow's image makers. quit trying to argue what isn't even there. there's nothing erotic about these images at all. the most you see is a shoulder. big deal.

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