February 17, 2004

Sarah Jacobson RIP

""I decided then that I wanted to make films in which women didn't get killed, raped or married --cool films about cool women."
- Sarah Jacobson on her filmmaking impetus

My mom emailed me the obit/news item today on Sarah Jacobson's death on Friday, at age 32 of uterine cancer. Sarah was a feminist filmmaker I had done PR for on some of her film tours. She also worked at the decrepit indie/foriegn film movie theatre in Minneapolis, when I was in high school, where all the coolest film punks worked.
In recent years, she was responsible for bringing "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Faboulous Stains" into new light, viewing it with a doting, reclaimative eye. She directed two low/no-budge films, both iconic in the OG Riot girl first wave "I was a teenage Serial Killer" and "Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore" and then for four years, took them, blusteringly, to every single festival, house screening or show that would have her - in a station wagon. In the last few years she had done work for both Oxygen and segments for VH-1. The last time I saw her, in 1999. she was sleeping on my couch, during the summer time. I think we had dinner with Chris Wilcha. I barely remember now.

Sometimes, when people die, it's not a suprise, it's inevitable, it's part of their slow ascent into junkie abyss, or disspirited ways. And while the loss is impactful, and felt and makes a little slittery flit in your heart when you think their name or find thier picture by accident or hear their song, you knew it was coming, you had started mourning thier life, you had a head start. But when people who are very alive die, that is when it feels unreconsilable. Then the thought of them not being alive cannot be managed, and just hangs there, waiting til you call it truth.

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