February 17, 2004

Cex for Prophet

From the rjyan.com update today, Rjyan gives us the new deal like Roosevelt. He has the correct method for the end times, and the now times and reading this and thinking that he is spending the Spring on tour with Tim Kinsella, who is BornAgainst/Chompsky angst trying to comb out into a Shambala retreat lifestyle -- between Tim and Rjy -- the holy war and voyage to the pleasure dome on the inner boy brain of the 90's after math STEEZ they raft upon,PLUS the mid-20s fallout, PLUS the sheer rawness of two dudes strung out on Catholic guilt, armed with free use psychedelics -- FUCKING A IF that is not know that those two dudes touring together will not create a power vaccum that might turn the world inside out..... It will be Star Trek, The Bible and the great beyond --- from Rjyan's site:

"So in Berlin I realized that my precious doubt, the gas I've been pumping hand-over-fist into this engine, is the cause of everything bad I have as well as everything good. Self-doubt is the old-testament God to my self-styled twenty-first century Job. Or even more accurately, Doubt is the old-testament God inside my self-styled and thoroughly new-testament Jesus Christ. Hasn't that been the deal all along? The Pharisees preach a glamorous and confident perfection from the top of websites and magazines and shitty records, doing everything they can to turn your attention away from the God that lives inside us all, but Doubt has been made flesh and as soon as he stops being twelve, the temples will all crumble. And the most devout-outfit zealout will see the leper and the whore as his brother and sister, and we will wash each other's feet. For a little while, the first will be last and the last will be first, and nothing will be cool, and so everything will be cool, and there will be a ferocious party beneath the great plumes of smoke issuing out from the burning temples--- and in a few days, all the minor worlds will fall together again, history will start over two baby steps forward and one baby step back from where it was when we were all born, and most older people and the boringest of the young will act like nothing happened... but I will be fast asleep, having paused my pause to take a first long, wonderful breath, and exhaling it back bit by bit into the dirty earthen stage where it all goes down, laying on a bed of the brittle bones of false prophets and the now-indecipherable blogs they clutch, all held together by long-unworking links to obsolete gossip items, opinions on opinions on things we couldn't recognize even if we were seeing them in front of us, much less having them seen for us twice- and thrice-removed (or worse) by a line of confident and devout observers."

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