February 16, 2004

Weekend is over, the Day of the President is HERE

Colin, my assistant, just half yelled "I forgot to go THE COCK last night! UGHHH!". The Cock is the new super-gay super-dance at the cheesy house club near our office where sometimes the good euro minimalist play too. Next weekend, anyone who is around -- lets all go to The Cock, so that on Mondays we are not yelling about how we forgot the cock this weekend.

But, I will tell you who was loving the cock this weekend. The lady on the balcony at the NUMBERS/ SSION show at Abbey Pub. The Balcony dwellers closest to the stage - clearly LOCALS, not fans - spending Valentines at the Irish Pub themed sports bar that had the show. She had a long spiral perm hairdo. And her man, in loose fitting acid-wash jeans gave her a sexy lapdance all through Numbers 19-minute set, which concluded, as all 150 of us hyper-dancing-attack kids below noticed, with an OTPHJ (over the pants hand job) and what may have actually been fellatio. Down below, we all just pointed it out to each other and then tried to avert our eyes, but you just couldn't. The dude was getting really flashdance for her.
This outdid the tremendous THROB of dance that held forth even on the floor downstairs, where every anti-fashion paper-mache art major from Art Institute gave their grind a good working. You missed it. It was a great time.
My other favrotie dancing was that of two boys, making the work-it play by play for the attentions of a girl in all white 80's casual wear who had a big mouth and even bigger teeth. One boy, a tiny effete boy of mayb 20-22, in a modish/small faces ochre on brown ensemble did a well-practiced PERFECT Mick Jagger cock strut. Ass out, back of his hand against small of the back, trotting around. The other boy, twice the size of the Jaggerite boy vying for her attention as well, was clearly new to the growing fash ways of the underground, but was willing to give it his all. Mock Turtleneck, t-shirt - and like most at the show (mee too) -- a sport coat. Except this was not a vintage/torn elbows sport coat, it was a long two button jacket that he had last worn to a cousin's mitzvah or a job interview. When the other boy would cock strut away, he would shimmy in on the girl real fast. They did not watch the band all night. They watched each other and secondly the girl. I thought one might take to peeing around her in a circle to mark territory, it did not happen. It is a tremendous thing to be a young girl with options.

Valentines weekend, otherwise, was fairly unremarkable, aside from the fact that for 5 straight hours, I handcrafted the last fucking 34 MUY ROMANTICO covers. If you are getting one, please appreciate the hand craftedness. If you are not getting one, please know that it is simply a lack of craft felt and time.

Happy Presidents Day everyone.

Posted by Jessica at February 16, 2004 11:07 AM | TrackBack

should've called us to help make the last batch. I know you love our use of kitty and hippo stamps.

Posted by: andrea at February 16, 2004 01:42 PM

Dood, Muy Romantico is so good I about peed. I am simultaneously thrilled that I could be at all involved and completely bummed that I couldn't be more involved. I swear if you do a Christmas album I am SO IN.

<3, TMI

Posted by: Touchmaster at February 18, 2004 03:28 PM

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