February 12, 2004

Oh, and this, too:

Travis Morrison has posted some new Mp3s of new songs, one of which includes the line "You wouldn't know decency/if it fucked you up the ass" and then goes into a 14 second guitar solo that drops in like a bird someone just shot out of the sky. Travis and Cex's new works, combined, are book-ending the encroaching apocolypse full-force, while the rest of their white underground peer group bats it's lashes and coyfully sighs "What war?" and presses repeat on the Postal Service CD.

Posted by Jessica at February 12, 2004 02:15 AM | TrackBack

Thanks for pointing that out, Jessica. I really love "Born In 72." I like the post-D-Plan music a lot, much more than most of his output in that band.

Posted by: Matthew at February 12, 2004 03:42 PM
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