February 06, 2004

The Craft

It snowed all day and part of the night, between three inches and a foot, I cannot tell because there was a lot outside to begin with. It was tiny snow, like it was made for squirrels to enjoy -- and luckily, it did not keep the crafters away. I think the free dinner helped as bait, despite the broccoli being a touch -- singed... The innaugural monthly CRAFT NIGHT at my house was a hell of a time. Between the seven of is, we made 47 from-scratch CD cases from cardboard, felt, tape, lace, beercaps, yarn, feathers , glue, glitter and a couple empty LP sleeves ( I was never going to listen to the Cherokee 12", even if I foound it again). Supplies were 23$, and we did not even use half of them.
The only thing we did not make was yarn n' popsicle stick gods eyes with pouch for liner notes. Miles' sister, Erin, made some of my favorites - ultra-femmey, with "Muy Romantico" in pink markered bubble letters, bordered by either/both glitter and pink feathers. Everyone giggled, some other folks drank some beers and non drinkers had some Pepto-with-bubbles style drink from the all-Ukranian mart, and we applauded and oohed and aaahed each others latest tape encrusted/kitty stamped/heart shaped creation. We listened to the new life-rendingly delicious Beauty Pill record. Our night was a remarkable one and it was not about anyone getting laid, getting xposure for their band, making money. It was about the utility of yarn and being free. You are totally invited next month.

Andy Rooney moment: I was in line at the post office today, and the music in the PO is 95.5 W-LITE, the smoove jazz station, which I like just because you can hear my favorite song (ok, in the top ten) "Deacon Blue" by Steely Dan, all 7-8 minutes of it - at least 11 times a day if you keep the station on. And I was thinking "Why is Steely Dan seen as good-creepy and R Kelly seen as romantic, and not creepy until we found out, as The Dan has plenty of songs about the special use of younger women? Would we be scared of Donald Fagen if he sang "Feelin on Your Bootay?". Now, Donald Fagen is a man who's creepitude I am down with. R Kelly is someone whose albums I enjoyed, but am no longer willing or able to reconsile in light of his sex-moves with 14 year old female children -- (though his ish not that terribly different than other famous people who are less visible, and have not been busted, though are still notorius -- ie. that dude from Weezer or Evan Dando). Meanwhile, Fagen has a minor canon of songs about going to the boneyard with young youngins, and we do not sweat him. Is it his effete/ jazzbo (not Patel) manner that makes it feel ok to us as listeners, because one would assume that he is working from imagination, as making The Nightfly isn't the sort of thing that gets you much action? I think it's just cos R. got caught.

Would anyone like to come over and respond to the 400 emails in my in box for me? I am the busiest person I know and I have never been busier in my whole life. You should take pity upon me and come over to the office this weekend and help my pitiful azz out, because if I rest, emo-land falls off it's axis, entirely, and goes into a crunkley orbit where plus one's on the Denali guest list are just out of the question. Plus, I have a 43 hour-long nap I would like to take, and this week's New Yorker just arrived. I will pay you in food, whatever love I can muster and all the hot-pink felt squares you can get home on your bike.

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look in the middle of the yarn and you'll find my miniature body double, waving and holding my heart out to you muy romanticos! DIESEL U MUSIC IN THE HOUSE!!!!!

Posted by: jshep at February 6, 2004 11:32 PM

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