January 30, 2004

Voter motivations

Shout outs to the 60614 in a Dean speech in NH: "I need you to be draggers for Dean. Bring everybody. Bring your kids if they're old enough. And if they're not old enough, then move to Chicago and register them there, and move back."

While Kerry is polling strongly, and I feel safe voting my conscience as I live in a state where we have a well organized dead people/wino contingent who will always turn out for the Dems, the prospect of seeing a lot of Kerry's mug for four years (while better than even another day of Bush), freaks me out as I keep confusing him with Mr.Bentley from The Jeffersons.

It's so cold here, all the pipes under my house are frozen/burst. Hace no agua. So, New York, with yr eight inches of filthy slush, do not bitch, as you do not have to go to someone elses house to brush your teeths. If my landlord, Mr. Diamond, also professional gambler and "construction foreman", does not remedy the situation shortly, I will be rolling in the snow to get clean by the end of weekend, unless anyone wants to loan me their volcano.

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