January 27, 2004

It's not up for debate, sorry

I just wrote this to Sasha in responce to the skeptical throw down on the topic of the Ny Times Sunday Magazine piece on sex slave trafficking :

Because we are all, as you wrote, implicit, in the invisible trespasses of humanity that is sex slaves/ a profit economy of death rape -- as silent Americans, as dumb Americans, as a capitalist economy goading the use of other human beings -- to deny, or question that this catastrophic stream of acts is happening, and happening here, in basements, in fancy condos, in my town and yours - is to deny responsibility for whatever roles we play in other people being torn asunder in the world. AND that denial is, naturaly, steeped in class and the blindness that white male privilidge affords one, and Radosh and co. are simply wrapping it, as it is always wrapped -- in the legitimacy bow.

They transmogrify it out of reality and up into into their set of standards, where they can use their tongs of language and distance and the guise of academic pursuit of "truth" and "thorough analysis" to judge it "appropriately". Because if they admit, if they grant the stories of these women and children, CREEDANCE, it is to admit that every minute of our lives, of our full lives that are buoyed with love and music and therapy sessions and paychecks and freedom to waste our nights typing out savage essays on the stupid fucking internet IS TO SAY THAT EVERY MINUTE OF OUR LIVES IS PURE LUXURY AND TO BE A SUCCESSFUL AMERICAN, LIVING THE DREAM AS WE ARE TAUGHT, IS TO GORGE ONES SELF ON THAT LUXURY, TO SMACK OUR LIPS WITH THAT RIPE EXCESS AND TO WILLFULLY, CASUALLY WASTE IT AND CAST IT ASIDE. That is, in American-land, in the man's man's man's world, what it is to be powerful.

No one, no one, no one ever wants to believe that rape happens, or is happening. And perhaps it is not beleiveable to those internet hmmm-men, to those "journalists" because they do not know, or are not related to, or were not roommates with women or girls who were raped by strangers, fathers, cops, boyfriends etc. It must seem really far fetched until someone you know is raped or incested that things that are that bad happen. I only know four women in my life who have not been raped or assaulted, thusly, there is nothing in that story that I questioned for a second.

And for these "journalists" suggest that rape victims, that these trafficked women, these commodified children, that Landesman - would make something up, that they would invoke Glass or any other faux-journo, literally makes me want to vomit, it makes me so uneasy. To use GRAMMAR MISTAKES to poke holes in the story further perpetuates the rape myth. Being that kind of a dick = so dark ages, (to borrow the formula for a sec.)

The negating, trivializing language used in Radosh's dismissive posts are indicative of his pre-emptive mindset: "Ordinary kiddie porn", "slave trade thing" &" real but Small problem". 30 - 50,000 women and children being abused in ways so awful, it feels like god does not exist does not constitute a small problem. Asking for journalistic, second-source confirmation of a man reading the bible to a child before raping her --- That's not engaging journalistic integrity, that's just being an asshole.

Posted by Jessica at January 27, 2004 11:37 PM | TrackBack

Jessica--are you studying for your SATs, honey? Cuz those are some mighty big words for such a small brain. If the story isn't true--reading the bible before rape--it's fiction and thus, worthy of dismissal. And if this colorful detail can be dismissed, so, perhaps, can the whole story. And that's the problem with padding a story. Go back to class, sweetie.

Posted by: Karen at January 30, 2004 10:15 AM

Since when did desiring/ valuing intelligence/ education become a dis? That's some bourgie privilege shit.

Posted by: julianne at January 31, 2004 07:29 PM

You missed the point, I'm afraid. Your florid language exhibits only a love of run-on sentences and a passion for misplaced commas. I wish I could say something redeeming about the logic inherent in your words, but you obviously are deaf to criticism. Maybe when you get out of high school you'll meet an instructor who can teach you to form convincing arguments with properly spelled words.

Posted by: David at February 2, 2004 01:02 PM

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