January 26, 2004

Second grade visions of efficiancy achieved!

Tonight, I mopped frosting off the floor of Heaven gallery, while on roller skates, and, yes, it was exactly like how you would dream in second grade - it got done much faster and was terribly fun to boot. (Vanessa and I each went to town with our mop-skating, Little Red Corvette blaring, and my life, if just for a few minutes, feeling like the opening scene for some Flashdance style straight to Beta movie I saw on Cinemax in 85.) We were trying to have Sparklemotion practice, but the night before there had been a performance art performance there, where someone had blown up a wig like creation and sent frosting everywhere. And if there is one thing i have learned in Sparklemotion's many practices in filthy art spaces is that things like frosting and tinsel get up in yr bearings and can wreck yr skates and make you wipe out - a lesson you should take from me, before you up and have to learn it the hard way yourself.

Despite cutting open and bruising my eyeball, Un Chien Andalou style, on this week's New Yorker earlier today - I ran my clumsy drills for the better part of three hours, popeye'd from my extreme reading injury, practicing high speed stops front and backwards with my new stoppers (simply running into the wall no longer cuts it) & counter clock wise backwards skating for extended periods, while listening to nothing but a steady diet of SOS Band and the Jaxx.

We have another practice this week, as we are booked for yet another engagement at the yuppie eurotrash bar for a theme night. Liz managed to get more money out of the french guy with the disco mohawk, as this is much more elaborate of a night for the old Sparklemotion bitches -- clad in new silver costumes AS ROBOTS NO LESS - and again, serving as local "crazy/wild" color for men on business trips and aging goths and kids too suburban to know that the club night doesn't really qualify as a good time, all of which is as moribund as it is fascinating research on the world outside the bubble.

I mean, yeah, sure, the money is always needed, and I love skating, but to me the fact that I can get paid to dress as a ROBOT and rollerskate for $25/hour -- at the age of 27 -- melts my brain like a crayon in the dryer. Experientially, this is a total ten, even if it sucks azz.

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oh. now i get it. i just finished reading your frighteningly insipid rant against radosh (and other journalists seeking the truth, god forbid!), and now i discover you're part of the whole sparklemotion/ heaven/ hipsters-with-no-talent-and-nothing-better-to-do-for-attention crowd and it all makes perfect sense. yuck.

Posted by: retardhater at April 3, 2004 12:24 PM
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