January 14, 2004

Like Yoda.

My boy and I were having hot choco on the floor, just now, in front of my giant 1940s trillion flamed heater which we have termed "the fire", as it is so hot you cannot sit within 3-4 feet or your hair will singe up like when you light smokes off the burner of the stove. So, we're sitting by "the fire" talking mushy -- It's kind of like super-poor ski lodge romance style... anyhow, so, my dude, Nathan, both terribly sweet and terribly handsome - bearing a strong resemblance a younger Viggo Moretenson (really) -- sayeth unto me that I am both "cute on the surface", but beyond that cute "as a person", but also wise.
He adds, "like Yoda."

Young men. They are our nations greatest resource of comedy.

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Posted by: Gandalf at March 18, 2004 07:54 AM

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