January 09, 2004

The internet is stupid

And another thing, any confidence I lack, any cowed self-conciousness I had about blogging, about not being a writer who's work is worth broadcast -- all of those sentiments have been erased.
I got around to reading other peoples blogs and live journals, (ie. people who manage to write for a living and a couple other folks i know who make mid 5 figguhs on their writing --) and i swear to god, some, or hey, while we're in the barn - MOST - of the blogs I read were achingly, cloyingly and SUPRISINGLY boring! If it was not stilted/wilted academic snore-core, it was in the style of high school year book inscription.
YES, ma'am --- The proof is in! I am good! Sometimes a mini-genius! I feel like Jay-z with a fifty foot cock! Huzzah!

****************ungentle segue **************

Secondly, regarding criticism and other dominions of dudes:
Why do women artists only get compared to other women artists, even when they are emulating men? Or not emulating anyone?
Thats a rhetorical question, I don't actually need an answer.
We never get to sound like Suicide or the Clash or Billy Joel.
We are eternally Courtney Love, The Waitresses and Kim Carnes.
I love those women and their music, but it's not the same.

Does sexism make you as sad as it makes me?I get tired of noticing. I get tired of bringing it up. I get tired seeing people steel themselves against it when I bring it up. "You say everything is sexist" they say. Well, yeah, most things are - I gotta right to be angry when, to paraphrase Bikini Kill #2 -- the whole world tells me women do not matter.

Most everything I like most except for inanimate objects, my dad, animals and bodies of water are sexist. My dad and I were talking about the potential viability of a Wesley Clark/ Hillary Clinton ticket last week, about whether a woman would ever be president of the US. I told him that I feel like we, women, are still in the trenches, and I do not think it would be allowed to happen in my life time. He told me he thinks it could happen. My dad, he's worked in newsrooms five days a week since 1973. I always trust my dad, that he knows what will really happen in the world - he knows which way the wind blows, as the saying goes -- but I just do not feel it's happening anytime soon.

This morning I got an email, blasting me double barrelled from a client of mine, demanding I be more "obediant". I read it again slowly and thought about the language, the words, the nature of the demands. I thought about the person who wrote it and how ludicrious it would sound if the same email was directed to any man they worked with. You would not ask those things, rightly of any boy over the age of about 12 or 13.
You can only excuse cultural programming for so long.

When I think about what I could do to make the world a better place, lots of times, I think about having lots of sons and raising them to be good to women, to resist macho competitive bullshit, and seek deep relationship with other men.
That loving women and being with women is not about trying to subdue them, guide them or posess them.

I know this all sounds terribly eem and possibly way too sincere to put on the hee-hee-haw-haw good times tiny lucky genius hateration club international blog, but I mean it.

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Jennifer Sexism will never go away. Only men are drafted to bleed, die, and suffer in warfare, defending this country, women get to stay at home and build bullets. When a woman gets pregnant, she has FOUR CHOICES, the man who impregnated her has ZERO choices, even though her decision affects the next 20 years of his life. It is illegal to mutilate a woman in the U.S., yet it is perfectly legal and routine to mutilate infant babies' penises for "style". Men will never treat women equally until women acknowlege that men have had it PRETTY TOUGH in our society TOO. So have blacks, whites, hispanics, poor people, everyone. Women aren't special. Feminazi reichs like the National Organization for Women don't help your cause much either.

Posted by: Scottie at April 5, 2004 01:47 AM

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hehe. hiya. I happened to randomly search competitive BS because it is something I have always disliked and I selected this page for the sake of curiosity. There is another side of to this story of marginalization or sexism, prejudice, etc. Maybe I am an exception but (not that I am disagreeing with you about men being brainwashed) I've found women to be exploitive and taking advantage of things, smug behind whatever sort of social territories they can enforce. I think a lot of times these matters come down to people being selfish in whatever way they can be which often includes hiding behind the history of discrimination and stuff such as this. Altho coming up against these pre-existing biases can be horrible I've learned a lot about society through them. Anyways, people tend to be smug and the bleeding hearts tend to be messed with or this and that. At this point I just do my best to fulfill the golden rule. Fulfilling the golden rule can be a job in itself and then I still have a life I'm supposed to succeed in! I try to distance myself from selfish people who lack proper imaging but it sure is tough to find decent women to flirt with around here =P

Posted by: Dave at September 1, 2005 12:14 PM
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