January 02, 2004

Eighties! I'm livin in the Eighties!

It's flattering that I had people calling me to ask, writing to whine, WHY YOU NO UPDATE YOU BLOG? To answer: I was in the eighties. I moved and had no DSL or internet for three whole weeks and thusly, I was in the past and had to use a telephone to do all my biding. Or bidding.

During this time, I had the holidays. I spent time in rural Indiana, with relatives who are all farmers and parents and deeply religous. My cousin's wife doesn't have long distance, I found out, because she does not know anyone who lives more than 40 miles away from her.
Also, I recieved the Christian self-help manual a "NY Times best-seller " entitled "A purpose-driven™ life" from a family member, which is a 40-day (40 days is a popular duration in the bible) program to finding "your path and purpose in life", which according to the book, is aided by memorizing a bit of scripture everyday (perhaps I can start footnoting my punk planet screed with hot bits from Colassians?). I was offended by the gift in a vague sort of way -- like, does my life seem like it has no purpose from the outside? Do I appear to be adrift aimlessly, as I am the only member of that side of my family who does not own children and is not married or "intended". My sister and I are the only children on both sides of my extended family who do not know how to bail hay, and do not own the equipment to do so. I think that's path enough right there. My path is one of dancing, vegan baking, unpaid parking tickets, living in sin with my dude, figuring out Outkast basslines -- it suits me just fine.

Visiting my family sometimes feel like a exchange-student immersion program. I come back learned-up on catechism, grain processing and how to prepare the meat of many different animals. Maybe I should of given my family members copies of Bad Brains Rock For Light and some old issues of Bikini Kill and tried to enlighten their path. Next Christmas for sure.

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