December 09, 2003

Have you stopped reading yet?

My days are strange, hyperspeed and not unlike the the scenes in Baraka where they set cameras out in the desert or the oceanic vaults of someplace I doubt I will ever see with my own eyes - could be Russia, could be under a bridge in CinCin - and it takes a picture/1 frame every 4 minutes and so when played back, you see the spectrum of the whole super saturated 72mm day, all nature folly and work-of-god beautiful, in the span of three whole minutes. It goes by as if greased. I feel pedestrian in the world.

Last night, at midnight, I was remebering I have to move this week ( next door, so no need to pack I say, not really...) - I got in the car to scavenge for cardboard boxes. Instead, I found nine milk crates, behind ghetto grocery marts and wine resturaunts and I stole them all. All that I saw. The classic rock station started a three hour commercial free block, with songs selected by a DJ who sounds like he came out of the birth canal with a lit Silk Cut in his mouth already. He played Springsteen's "Thunder Road", meanwhile, I was driving through my favorite part of town, which is all just low-storied industrial buildings. Family businesses all, recycling, bottling, imports, fish, gourmet pretzels, grommets. Some places looking like Beirut, dead - ghosted windows, appliance parts and silos no one has used since 1970, the whole bit. He played "Thunder Road" and I almost cried.

The night before last, both Eddie Murphy and Conor Oberst in my dream. Conor had a thing for asian women, but also, was obssessed with me and that I wouldn't get drunk with him. Eddie Murphy was essentially, reprising his role in Coming To America. I did not cry then, either.

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