December 05, 2003

Back by popular demand!

from an email I wrote to somebody:

>I saw Atmosphere last night -- the man is all
> contradictions, and that's speaking/ feeling like someone who can see-thorugh his> mechanisms for engaging with teenagers who yell hell yes when he
> screams "is hip hop your life?" and points the mic at the audience. I
> really liked watching him because I really ENJOY people who enjoy
> being famous - being undergroundica, everyone acts like burdgeoning
> fame is like, the trillion-ton snail shell they drag around... I
> really love famousish people who just get in there and roll around in
> it. I felt like with our boy Slug, he goes from like real-real,
> visceral and confused as any human, to like Steve Perry with a
> crip-walk -- "Don't Stop Believing, dog!". TOTALLY COMPELLING!
>He is totally new school
> emo -- he is more Jeff from Thursday, but with the calculation of the
> careerist ( Thrsday is more "this is all an accident, man!",) --
> someone who knows real fandom and that kids just want to beleive,
> they want to fucking connect, they like it when he's rugged, they
> like it when he's sensitive. Al pointed out that last night, he
> pulled a girl out from the crowd who was getting crushed, and passed
> her to the tour manager to take care of and all that, but walked
> mostly offstage -- and was still speaking into the mic "Take care of
> her man, get her some water, let her rest" - so we all knew. PEOPLE
> But, the kids, 1200 down-for-(dorm)life, ain't nothin but a g
> thang, who are kicking pooka-shell rather than dookey rope THEY KNEW
> EVERY WORD. It really meant something to them. They yelled
> on cue every time. He's Conor Oberst temprement and all of hip hop's
> big-dick macheesmo, but no guns. He's " 21 Questions" with no love to
> access. And he throws it around in this really tantalizing, tv drama
> way. Plus, all the ladies love a thug.

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