November 15, 2003


After MegaFuxx practice ended (editing a mash-up for the Sparklemotion Laptronica Cage Match, which we will win, BTW), Jr came into the basement, and announced several things, the most pertinent was "I downloaded the Paris Hilton thing", which naturally we demanded to see as I had tried to download it onto his laptop at the last practice, as horrified and curious as any other gawker, to no avail. We watched it twice, sound up, trying to see if she ever says anything. I think thats what I was most curious about. She's mute or unintelligible, aside from answering her phone. The nightvision DV cam-effect reminded me most of seeing deer become transfixed in the headlights of my dads 82 Dodge Van, giant pupils glaring, unemotive, unblinking. I thought maybe she was too fucked up to talk, or she's just shy, or her mind is elsewhere. Everyone is stupid at 22, and so I don;t give too much creedance to the idea that she's *really* dumb. I also thought about how strange or lucky it is, that at 22, with a body like that, at the peak of you celebutanute fame, your casper-translucent hued naked body, in three minutes of film where you do nothing but bob through the frame at varying speeds, wide-eyed, classic, pert, quiet -- is how you will be etched in to the collective concious of the world.

Posted by Jessica at November 15, 2003 09:16 PM | TrackBack

Jess - actually, Paris was 19 in that video, at least according to news reports. There's actually a transcript of the video:

Posted by: O-Deezy at November 24, 2003 03:59 AM

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