November 10, 2003

A note

I just went through and started deleting entires at random.
I run into people and they say "i read yr blog, blah blah digression" and I feel my insides start to turn and tumble like some bad Gyro meat on a spit. I feel deeply strange about posting anything on the internet.
So I am going to start taking things off of here. So it'll be more like a secret if you saw it. It'll be like you and me are a club. It'll be like you read my diary and tore your favorite pages out. It's like it's Xmas and I rapped your present in pages from BARELY LEGAL and sent you a creepy fax saying "look under the towels in the hall closet" and inside is some candy.
It's like you licked yr hand and then touched it to my hand just to make sure I have your germs as well.
That is what it is like!

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