November 06, 2003

20 Eyes / in my head/ they're all the same!

Convientently, this is one of the two Misfits songs I know all the words to.
I had a dream last night that was so gross and vivid it is making me gag still at 11:39 am. In said dream, I discovered deep golf ball style pocks on my head. They had eyes on them. Goopy, slow, animal-monster eyes. Under my hair. I wanted to clean them out cos they looked infected. Thats so super gross, isn;t it?. I am gagging right now.

Also, in other news: After Saturday nights appearance at the Hallowave party (Smith's tribute was great - much more racially diverse than the original, The Clash tributers were terrific, spanned the whole career, give them a C+ on their look though - they looked like a fash spread in the Fader, sans budget) -- I have been verging on resigning from my rollerskating performance team, Sparkle Motion 6 (nee 7). Rollerskating in hot pants, is not by nature a feminist action. There is nothing inherantly radical about getting people to check out the asses of 6 small, hot girls. You cannot get the weightiness of our gilded brains through a glance at hot-ass-on-wheels. And as an anti-capitalist, I reject the idea of doing something for money that I would already be doing for free. Lastly, and also, I spend much of my time trying to not have my work, my art, my witty repoir SEXUALIZED at every turn, why would I work against that.

I told them that my dream of Sparkle Motion is that on the day after thanksgiving, we don long black burquas that say "feminism is fun" or something and skate holding hands through shopping throngs of Miracle Mile.

My thoughts were met with solid supportive responce, from the other Sparkles, who are not only rad but radical as well, and so we are working on a series of culture jamming actions and ideas, the first being Megafuxx / Sparkle Motion performance in the Laptronica Cage Match later this month. Or entire performance is based around the Wal-Mart slave labor bust, to the booming 808s of MegaFuxx'z "MegaFunk". It'll be like some Merce Cunningham shit on Chomsky and Miami Bass.

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