October 31, 2003

"If I was a scultptor / but then again / no"

Here in Sewage City USA, we are listening to the copy of Elton John's greatest Hits Vol 1, gifted to me by SFJ last week... at my insistance.

I think years of listening to marginal eem-ooh records or spending night after night at the Fireside Bowl, watching like, Coheed and Cambria by accident, and all the new school honkey-skronk*, it makes you hungry for the glossy cocaine sailboat hooks. It makes you really hungry for songs of made for pleasure, not anything to think about, beyond wondering WHO Tiny Dancer is, but imaging she wore leotards and terricota-colored blush and tons of it. I know, loving Elton John and Steely Dan both as well as Michael Mc Donald's solo albums, really I am brushing into some marginal territory, but shush up, dunny, cos I totally got Zongamin and Bad Brains on vinyl upstairs.

I am going as Jesus, our lord and saviour -- the on-the-cross-edition. Have to round up a crown of thorns out from the garden, which might just by like some sticks. Cardboard cross, need to buy some fake blood for the stigmata. may just have to draw on the beard, which is kind of chintzy, but unless Walgreens has one, it's not happening. I wanted to borrow JR's but he's got that shit on lock cos he's Abe fucking Lincoln, our 17th president. genius.

(* this is MY word, I have coined it, please alert both Phillip Sherburne and Simon Reynolds, I am hot on their trail, and that I am naming every genre they have not gotten to)

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