October 21, 2003

Sleep to Dream

I woke this morning crying, because I had dreams that were like bad life. It was a funny night for sleep. last night at 10:30 I was exhausted and not getting my 1-million chores and acts of householdery done, with my dish-full sink working overtime as a bacteria-harvest lab surely, just watching Nathan paint the beautiful giant painting that I dared him to paint when we first started dating. I said I wanted a painting of washing machines, and I am getting one and it's 54x54" big. Anyhows, I was just watching him paint and we were talking and I was so adult-style exhausted, exhaustion of a parent or that of day laborers, and I was thinking "nap", despite that it was almost 11. Nathan was to come and wake me in 20-30 minutes, and when that time came, he tried to wake me and in my slumber-drunkeness, I punched him in the head for trying. He tried an hour later , he kissed me and tried to wake me up, and this time I yelled at him to stop putting his mouth on me, I was trying to sleep.
In that sleep I dreamt variously, of:
- I put a manual egg beater up in the air, used it to dispense sparkles everywhere and it was really pretty.
- Spoke to jesus, who appeared in the get-up of the Virgin of Guadalupe, in a casual manner, who counciled me on being stressed out.
- Called my step mother a cunt, over the phone
- Was getting a ride to Denver with a band that kept stopping and doing chinese firedrills, for fun and exercise.

Nathan dreamt of fighting off vampires.

I woke at 7am sharp, just in time to witness a moment of tenderness between my neighboor lady that I truly despise (it's mutual) and her husband going off to work and their cat. They were wishing their cat bye bye ("Bye Bye Bob, Bye!.."). I do not think they, as a couple, kissed or spoke. The fealty was focused on Bob, the broken earred tabby, feline depositor of much shit in my lawn.

Good morning! Good Morning!

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I criticize by creation -- not by finding fault.

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