October 13, 2003

Write Guilt

Dan Yemin (Ring the namedrop bell if Philly hardcore matters to you),who in a sideways fashion, I am in the employ of, I do certainly suppose, wrote me the day after this here invisble interneat dear diary went up and it said "You internet people are strange, narcissistic bunch", which made me feel more guilty than i already do, despite the fact that this is less personal and less widely read than the f-ing fanzine I do or even my oooh-so-conterversial Punk Planet column, which at current count is splitting some where between 47 and 12,000 punk-identified (wha/) brain pans open like a ripe lychee fruit. I tell you! I feel this guilt like some phantom charley-horse. But, I strike back at you Dan Yemin, is writing on the internet walls more or less narciss-sisick than singing in a band WITH YOUR SHIRT OFF NONE THE LESS?

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What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.

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