October 13, 2003

Breaking news from our LA Bureau

My pal Trevor Kelley emails this morning:
"So yhis morning as I was tooling around town, I had the radio on KROQ--which, surely you know, is the behemoth alternative rock station here in LA--and after playing the new Thursday single the DJ said something to the effect of: "So I was flipping through the new issue of Alternative Press this weekend and they had an article in there about whether or not emo is actually sexist. Are you kidding me: is emo sexist!? Don't you guys have anything better to write about?"
Also worth mentioning: said DJ was a woman."

I feel encouraged when the emo-is-sexist discourse is being widened to include any sort of national level dismissal. And the funny thing is -- I TOTALLY DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO WRITE ABOUT.

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