October 09, 2003

Syndicating myself from Sasha's blog

Today, I looked at Sasha's blog, and my writing was on there. From an invisble internet forum for discussion on the nu Outkast album.

The night before last, I was out on my bike, outside Highschool/Buddy, which is convienently (sp?) located above the upscale velvet roped Booty Club-Lounge (not it's real name) and 3 dudes in a parked Cutlass next to where I was unlocking my bike. and 2 of the dudes were smoking a joint and the dude in the passenger seat was, with Temptations style hand motions in play, singing along to Prototype. He turned to his boys and said "This is my shit, this is my shit". he turned to me and said "You know, I love my gangsta shit, I am a gangsta AFICIANADO, but, you know, this is about love, this is real. Live in My Lap, thats real love shit.". I put my hand on my heart and made a little thump-thump, which is emo-signlanguage that I picked up at some Thursday show or soemthing, and I said "I love this record too. I like the Big Boi side a little better." Then the guy in the backseat tried to buy my bike from me.
and I will add this:
There is a pack of mean Jr High Ballers who hang out acorss the street, hooping it up and flirting with neighboorhood 6th grader girls that dress like they are for sale cos no one is around to catch them leaving their home in that sort of outfit, anyhow, they too offered to buy my bike. I think they were doing it to fuck with me, because I was riding a tiny early seventies schwinn girls dirt bike, with bana seat and streams. I was also wearing a terrific hat and stripes with plaids. I rode over to them, and said "No, my bike is much to awesome to sell." This boy, maybe not older than.... 13, offered me cash out of pocket.

I am scared of boys this age a little, because when i lived in LA, some neighboor boys were having a 12th birthday party, and I was walking by and they threw a basketball at my head -- as they explained shortly after -- BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT I WAS IN THEIR CLASS. I was 21 when that happened. Inside my brain, I am tall. I can no longer pass for 15 yrs my junior. I look far too tired.

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