September 08, 2014


The way the tooth hole is closing and healing is really an incredible thing to me. I did not know if it would fill up with tissue or gum or whatever or if it's would be like this raw little empty grave in the back of my head, accruing crumbs and such. I touch with my tongue now and it's much smaller but still tastes like blood a little. Pissed they would not let me keep the tooth. The lady was totally ruded out that I was, like, scraping at it and checking it out. She told me it was medical waste and totally sensed I was going to steal it and told me to get up and wash my hands and she totally took it away. Absconded with it. Like how did it's new location suddenly make it medical waste. It spent 30+ years in my body. Get out of town it is "waste" or is a ward of this dental establishment now that it simply out of my mouth.

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